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Aligners, Retainers and Summer, Oh my

Summertime tip for patients who wear aligners and retainers.

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Keep Your Teeth Healthy!

Healthy teeth and gums are so important for overall health and quality of life.  Brushing, flossing, fluoride use and visits to your general dentist to maintain oral health is especially important during orthodontic treatment.  

Keep Your Retainers and Aligners Clean

Brushing your appliances and aligners with a toothbrush or an appliance brush and tooth paste is important to remove plaque and bacteria that form during normal wear.  In addition, soaking your appliance or aligner in a solution such as Retainer Brite or Efferdent will help to keep them clean and germ free.  

Brush Your Teeth AND Your Braces

Braces can be an obstacle to good oral hygiene.  Remember to brush after every meal.  Brush around your braces (top, bottom and in-between brackets) to loosen and remove plaque and food debris.  Electric and sonic toothbrushes and interproximal brushes can help make things easier as long as you have goos brushing technique.

Your Diet


Eating with Braces and Functional Appliances

Please avoid foods that are hard, sticky and chewy.  These types of foods can damage your brackets and wires or even break your appliance.  Also avoid foods and drinks that are loaded with sugars or contain acids, such as soda.

Eating with Aligners

We recommend that your remove your aligners when eating or drinking anything other than water.  Remember to brush and floss after eating before placing your aligners back in your mouth.

Check out this great video from Jennifer!

In Case of an Emergency


Wax can be applied for temporary relief of a poking wire or if a bracket is rubbing the inside of your lips or cheeks.  Please call the office so that we can schedule an appointment to make you comfortable.

Removable Appliances

If your appliance is causing discomfort, it can be removed.  Please call the office as soon as possible, because teeth can shift quickly, so that we may adjust your appliance for comfort. 

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